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Monserene Turns 5: A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Style

Monserene is delighted to announce their 5th birthday, marking a milestone that highlights five years of unique innovation, and commitment to quality. 

Launched in 2019, Monserene started from humble beginnings, growing into the beloved and trusted brand it is. 

Monserene extends their heartfelt gratitude to their customer’s unwavering support through the years and celebrates this significant milestone with their largest sale to date. 

Paying tribute to their loyal customers, Monserene releases a special edition of their best seller, Faye necklace to highlight their best sellers collection. 

The sale includes their entire website catalogue for 15% off, starting on 7th June to 9th June.

Through this birthday sale, the founder of Monserene, Li Yin, hopes for a chance for customers to obtain their creations if they have not had the opportunity to. 

“Words cannot express how thankful I am to our customers for supporting us over the past 5 years. Running Monserene for the past 5 years has been an incredible journey filled with valuable lessons, and I want to celebrate this milestone with those who have been a part of it,” said Li Yin, owner of Monserene.

A long time customer of Monserene, Dione Tan, discovered the brand from their first pop-up booth. Dione said, “I am absolutely in love with the Faye necklace, it’s my favourite necklace to wear since I can wear it with any outfit.” 

“Monserene has one of the most unique designs and intricate handcraft that are still affordable,” said Dione.

These unique and stylish pieces effortlessly complement any outfit, making them a Monserene favourite and a perfect addition to any jewellery collection. 

We highly recommend adding our best sellers to your wishlist during the sale.

To enjoy the birthday sale, please visit

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